Our Philosophy

Businesses need solutions. Fast. Cost Effective. Intelligent. Robust. Also, with rapidly changing environments, disruptive yet holistic solutions is need of the hour. With a vision to provide disruptive delivery space for a connected world, we help transform your business efficiency and power ROI.

At SPAR, we deliver enterprise-class solutions in big data, data warehouse and BI, and master data management to enable your data-driven decision prowess. Our exemplary talent acquisition services bring global expertise to your business projects while our software development services (application development, mobility and testing and QA) ensure seamless and effective functioning of your business processes/projects.

SPAR headquarters in Dallas, TX and three development centers in India (Pune, Hyderabad and Noida) are ready to deliver success on your next project! If you win, we win too!

We provide a full range of solutions and services in a variety of technical disciplines including application development and maintenance, testing, analytics, systems integration as well as staffing services. We help organizations to design systems which connect to the company's vision, goals and objectives. We have a solid experience in development of business solutions. Thoroughly analyzing client's business needs, industry and product requirements, our team delivers cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions. We help businesses enhance their productivity by ensuring their critical business processes work effectively.SPAR has imbibed innovation and solution thinking in its culture. Every Spartan (seen the movie 300?) is the “Chosen One” (selected from the best professional and educational backgrounds). They are not just technical experts delivering world class solutions on projects but with a personal touch. They come from diverse cultural, global backgrounds but give them an objective and they will turn into a wonderful cohesive unit of battle ready warriors.

SPAR is a people’s company at the core. We believe in the power of human relationships. We constantly engage and encourage our people to spread that message around through our conduct, speech and action.

Our Vision

Foresee significance of strategy, technical and business partnership ecosystem to provide disruptive delivery space for a connected world.

Our Mission

Pioneer an innovative service delivery ecosystem through creative solutions and value network.