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The emergence of mobile devices has transformed the way businesses communicate with their customers, employees and partners. Mobility is offering seamless experience for customers anytime, anywhere. It plays significant role in engaging customers more effectively and tapping into new revenue sources. This new technology provides the basis for a multitude of top-quality services.

As an innovative service provider, SPAR guarantees to offer custom-made platforms and comprehensive service solutions to its customers. We develop user-friendly mobile applications, while securing and monitoring complex processes that run in the background. We combine analytical capabilities to give you competitive advantage and an exceptional experience to your customers. Using analytics, new opportunities may arise that benefit our clients. These opportunities include:

  • Presenting offers to consumers based on their geography
  • Introducing a new product or service that works in conjunction with a popular mobile app
  • Using mobile wallets to pay for products and services
  • Analyze customer behavior patterns using mobility data

Mobility Offerings

We bring the technical and creative elements of mobile application development to create business value. We offer full spectrum of services – Design, Development and Support to address the requirements of our clients.

SPAR's mobility offerings include:

  • Consulting
  • Mobile application development
  • System integration services
  • Mobile applications testing
  • Enterprise mobile offerings

Business Objectives

SPAR's mobility services assist businesses to achieve following objectives:

  • Improve productivity and efficiency through real-time applications access
  • Enhance customer experience through better interactions
  • Improve service delivery through response time reduction

E-Guide for Mobility
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SPAR Advantage

SPAR's mobility services assist businesses to achieve following objectives:

Multiple Technologies

Experience in building applications across leading mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, and iOS.

Future-Proof Strategies

Integration of mobile apps with enterprise applications give real-time visibility to business processes.

Data Protection

Customized solutions to guarantee data protection at rest and during sharing.


Application analytics to track location, user behavior, access patterns, system alerts etc.


Automatic upgrades along with continuous improvements in solution capabilities.

Proven Expertise

Proficiency in developing mobile apps across diverse industries.

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