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Master data management (MDM) provides a trusted view of master entities to help achieve customer centric objectives and business results. Without a clearly defined master data, the enterprise runs the risk of having multiple copies of data that are inconsistent with one another. Since there are disparate systems within the organization, providing a single source of truth is difficult. In case of merger/acquisition, each of the organizations will have its own master data and how to merge the two sets of data will be challenging .

Data Challenges

  • Operations suffer from inconsistent, incorrect, and slow data.
  • Redundant analysis and repeated data reconciliation due to lack of reliable information repository.
  • Lack of sharing and comparing across the system results in lost opportunities.
  • System upgrades require too many resources and cannot simply be done enterprise-wide.

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Benefits of MDM

  • Redundancy elimination
  • Data Consistency
  • Useful and effective data analysis
  • MDM acts a reliable data source
  • Availability of data across multiple platforms
  • Easy data storage, availability and backup
  • Increased usability and business efficiency

E-Guide for Master Data Management
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SPAR Advantage

Spar delivers the governance processes needed to build and maintain a centralized source of data for accurate intelligence.

Multi-Domain Platform

Delivers control over a wide range of data assets including product, customer, and vendor information.

Centralized Management

Unified platform offers a single set of tools to effectively manage master data records enterprise-wide.

Data Quality

Automated processes like web services or batch processes enforce validation and maintain data quality.


Data from any source can be integrated and accessed by different applications, processes, and BI tools.

Rationalization of existing systems

After rearrangement and analysis of all the systems, each system is made a master of particular type.

Application transformation

Individual applications are modified to pull data from master databases.

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