Managed Services Projects Solutions (MSP)

Managed Solutions For Your Business

Smart businesses adopt Managed Services Project (MSP) model to reduce the risk of project failures and delays. Businesses worldwide are under constant pressures of market uncertainty and capitalizing new opportunities with limited resources. Even with the latest technology, they lag behind the pace of innovation. The challenges of technical workload and budget restrictions can have a significant growth impact on businesses.

SPAR’s Managed Project Solutions is a fully integrated service for companies that require both manpower/resources and technical support. Our services are customized to the client’s requirements dependent on the stage of the project. SPAR’s MSP experts work with clients to identify challenges in their specific industry - banking and finance, retail, telecom, government healthcare etc. We maintain tranSPARency and regular communication to deliver projects on budget and schedule.

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SPAR Offerings

  • Strategic systems planning and migration strategy
  • Requirements development
  • Program and project management support
  • Systems and application integration planning
  • Application management
  • Infrastructure services
  • Remotely Managed Services include unlimited remote support for services like IT setups, server management, network monitoring, software updates, anti-virus installations etc.
  • Fully Managed Services includes full onsite workstation and firewalls support. They also cover all the remote support activities included in Remotely Managed Services.

E-Guide for Managed Services Project Solutions
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SPAR Advantage

Custom-Built Solutions

Practical guidance and advice for client’s systems to resolve their specific challenges.

Round The Clock Support

24X7 support services from 3 different locations in India (Pune, Hyderabad and Noida).

Diverse Technical Expertise

Enhanced support to client's complex problems through our deep knowledge and insight.

Cost Effective Solution

Proactive, comprehensive and flexible approach at a reduced cost to maximize IT investment.

Responsible IT Resources

Experienced, highly-qualified teams to manage project risks and to take entire ownership to deliver results.

Optimize Resources

Maximum value for our clients by removing fixed costs and improving performance and quality of IT processes.

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