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Big Think Solutions For Enterprises

Businesses today access Big Data, growing in volume, variety, velocity & veracity. Managing this huge volume of data every day is massive challenge for enterprises looking to harness it for business value. Uncovering insights from this data requires effective aggregation, integration and validation solutions.

SPAR helps clients analyze their business-critical data for effective decision making through our Big Data services. We deliver solutions for real-time data analytics, data management and reporting. Our approach powers businesses to leverage insights from structured (databases, legacy systems) as well as unstructured data (video streams, images, audio and social networks).

Benifits of Big Data Solutions

Organizations can leverage customer data on purchase patterns, preferences, feedback, wish lists, enquiries etc. to generate customer insights in real time.

Big Data Analytics Services assist businesses to:

  • Improve customer retention
  • Enhance customer targeting through cross sale/up sale
  • Develop new products and business models
  • Ensure seamless customer experience

Big Data for Legacy Systems

Legacy systems store significant and valuable data. They are assets of the organizations. However, most systems were developed on older technology and have high storage and processing costs. SPAR provides services to integrate organization’s legacy infrastructure with Big Data. We offload voluminous data from existing data warehouses to the new cost effective solutions. Also, using commodity hardware for data storage enhances processing time and analytics’ capabilities.

SPAR Advantage

SPAR has developed unique solutions to integrate data from legacy, proprietary or unstructured data sources:

Ingestion Frameworks

to inject structured or unstructured data from legacy system to Big Data in an organized manner. These frameworks also allow users to add plugins like user defined functions and hide code complexities from end user.

Reconciliation Frameworks

to compare data at source and target Data Lake. We develop validation mechanisms to ensure data migrates seamlessly. Any loss of information will impact intelligence and revenues.

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