Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Client FAQs

Our recruiters interview each potential SPAR Information Systems consultant prior to referring him or her to any of our clients. This is a key step in evaluating the candidate's technical abilities and business knowledge, as well as his or her professionalism, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. As part of the in-house interview process, each applicant fills out a comprehensive skills questionnaire and submits a current resume that is parsed into our database and immediately matched against current requirements. We use this interview to better understand the individual's technical experience, skill level, and work ethic, so that we place the candidate in the job best suited to his or her background. We perform customized technical testing, background checks, and drug testing upon client request.
SPAR Information Systems guarantees that every candidate submitted is pre-qualified with regards to available start time, available interview times, travel requirements, and rate. We can submit several qualified candidates within 24-48 hours.
SPAR Information Systems offers a variety of background checks including criminal, social security tracking, education verification, employment verification, professional licenses and certifications. Upon obtaining candidate approval these checks are performed by a specialty firm in a confidential and professional manner. We have also partnered with one of the top drug testing vendors in the country to offer drug testing upon client request.
Absolutely Not. SPAR Information Systems has a National Division, which specializes in filling needs in every city across the U.S. where we have not yet established a local presence. All SPAR offices utilize a standard service delivery model to guarantee that you will experience the same SPAR Information Systems quality and reliability throughout our organization.
SPAR truly wants to be the vendor of choice for our clients. Due to a mature service model and innovative approach to partnering with our clients, SPAR has been able to develop a very strong presence in virtually every market across the country. As a result we are able to secure the best and most elite IT talent in the industry. We offer strong suite of retention and training programs as well as a variety of benefits to our contractors, many of which are long standing professionals that we have worked with for many years. Secondly, SPAR approaches global business from a local focus so all clients are given a dedicated Account Management team to build a program for their unique needs.
Our Account Managers work closely with hiring managers prior to and during the search process to:
  • Build a complete understanding of the client's needs, including technical requirements, start date, duration, and financial parameters
  • Work in a manner which is comfortable to client personnel, and adhere to client administrative procedures
  • Identify appropriate candidates in conjunction with SPAR's Recruiters
  • Provide managers with resumes of prospective candidates
  • Arrange suitable interview times and methods
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the contract
SPAR Information Systems handles all billing and payroll functions internally. We are able to generate invoices that accommodate our customers' individual requirements. For example, invoices can be generated by department or for the entire company on a weekly basis and are net due upon receipt. Additionally, multiple employees may be combined on one invoice or billed separately. Invoices are always accompanied by signed timecards. If a company has specific needs that do not fit within our standard billing process, SPAR Information Systems will try to accommodate those needs. SPAR Information Systems also offers expanded EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) services, which include both electronic billing and electronic payment options. These services reduce data keying, eliminate paper, and improve accuracy, resulting in cost efficiencies and improved customer service. Many of our clients already employ some form of EDI processing. SPAR can utilize most systems on the market to exchange files with our clients, and we can implement a trading partner relationship based on the client specifications for transaction layouts, transaction types, and network connections.
SPAR Information Systems is committed to providing a full service team to clients. While our Account Managers and Recruiters specialize in understanding your front office needs, SPAR's Post Sales Service Team was established to ensure SPAR meets all your back office requirements. Our service model is two-fold and we make sure our clients have a point of contact for all of their needs.
In addition to being a participant in managed services, SPAR Information Systems has developed its own full service capability in Global Managed Services (GMS), our managed service entity. GMS combines an end-to-end web based technology solution to save you time, money and effort by streamlining and standardizing your procurement, management and reporting processes. The result is a cost-savings of 10 – 20% on average to our clients.
Yes we do. SPAR Information Systems Worldwide, the umbrella under which SPAR Information Systems in the U.S. is included, is owned by the Netherlands-based Vedior NV and acts as the global IT staffing brand for the Vedior group. SPAR Information Systems Worldwide has more than 60 offices in 9 countries including North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim; connecting top talent with top companies around the globe or around the corner. As our mission clearly states, a partnership with SPAR Information Systems enables you to benefit from global recruitment and service capabilities

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Employee FAQs

SPAR Information Systems can not only save you time searching for your next contract, we can also save you money. We have a large market share and will be able to provide more opportunities for you than if you were to look on your own independently. Secondly, in today's market, most clients will not work directly with Independent Contractors anymore because of tax and co-employment liability. SPAR Information Systems will assume this risk and manage the marketing of you to the Client Companies.
The length of time varies greatly depending on your skills and current market conditions. After meeting with a Technical Recruiter ("talent agent") and evaluating your skills and needs, the process can be very fast. Specialized skills, location preference, requirements, rates and the market can extend this period of time.
You should receive a call within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) from a Technical Recruiter ("talent agent") specializing in the types of positions you are looking for. An interview will be scheduled to go over your background, your job search criteria and a marketing plan will be customized to meet your specific needs. This Technical Recruiter will be your main point of contact throughout your relationship with SPAR Information Systems.
Most contracts last approximately nine months, but are generally no less than three months and can go as long as three years or more. Lengths of assignment will vary based on the Client Company's needs or internal requirements.
No, there is no fee to the applicant. Your rate is negotiated with SPAR at the start of each contract.
No, we do not. SPAR Information Systems also specializes in Contract to Hire and Permanent Placement positions.
Never. Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. Your Technical Recruiter will discuss the job description, location, work environment and any applicable information with you before sending your resume to any of our Client Companies.
W2 contractors will be paid bi-weekly.
As a W2 contractor, SPAR Information Systems would take care of all your payroll deductions for you. If you are an Independent Contractor, you will be responsible for your own payroll deductions. SPAR has a rigid Independent Contractor qualification process that each Independent Contractor must complete in order to qualify for this status.
SPAR Information Systems is your employer. SPAR provides bi-weekly paychecks and benefits to our W2 Contractors. If you have concerns about your assignment you should contact your Technical Recruiter or for assistance.
Yes. SPAR Information Systems offers benefits as well as many contractor programs to W2 contractors who meet eligibility requirements.
Depending on your background, SPAR Information Systems may be able to hire you as a Staff Consultant. This will allow you to test the waters of contracting while enabling you the security of a permanent job. You will not need to leave your current job until an ideal contract position is secured for you.
A SPAR Staff Consultant is a person who is hired by SPAR Information Systems on a permanent basis to perform various contract positions. This allows you to have immediate access to available benefits and offer you the variety of contracting. Certain eligibility requirements must be met and a Manager must pre-approve all applicants.
This is a very common concern. At SPAR Information Systems, we are accustomed to handling your situation in a very discrete manner. At our initial meeting, we will discuss what method of communication would work best for you. A unique marketing plan will then be set specific to your needs and requirements.
Companies are generally inundated with resumes from individuals and it is likely that your resume won't get the attention it needs. Our senior staff of Account Managers has long standing relationships with most IT Hiring Mangers. We hand deliver the top 2-3 resumes for each position and provide the Hiring Manager all the information they would need in order to select the right resume for the job.
You can contact your Technical Recruiter as early as 6-8 weeks before your contract is due to end. We'll then start searching for your next great opportunity!

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